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 Attention Applicants or anyone interested in joining

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Attention Applicants or anyone interested in joining Empty
PostSubject: Attention Applicants or anyone interested in joining   Attention Applicants or anyone interested in joining EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 5:05 pm

Attention Applicants or anyone interested in joining / learning about WarMongrel...
When you Register to this site, ensure you use your in game name as your user name.
If not you will not be approved. This includes Ally Members.

1. Don't talk to me on your alternate characters in game, I will not reveal to any allie/enemy that you wish to join in-case things don't work out. Trust me or it won't work anyway

2. If you cannot speak English and/or refuse to go in Ventrilo, don't bother applying. We are a International based clan and you are needed to be in Ventrilo at all times you are playing.

3. When you post an application, say something other than yes/no and answer the questions properly...

4. Don't expect me to take you seriously if you don't spend a little time getting to know about the guild and the people that make it *go*. In life as well as here you get what you give, plain and simple.

5. If you have been, or ever sided with enemy clans, past or present, you can pretty much consider yourself excluded automatically. We know who you are. You already have a reputation.

We are looking for the following players:

• First and foremost, be a master of your class. Understand the most effective way to play it, and do it well.

• No level requirements. We dont care what level you are now as long as your leveling quickly. It should not take you more then a month to be near 85.

• Be PvP oriented. Thats why we play this game, need to have that passion.

• Be Dedicated. We play everyday, we expect to be a force here, so lets get after it.

• Absolutely NO BOTS, NO ADENA PURCHASE, NO SCRIPTS. Icon will always be playing with integrity.

• Be able to speak english, use Vent/TS, and communicate.

• Lastly, be ready to have fun. We want people with experience and who have the drive to be better. This is a video game, its made for enjoyment, so lets enjoy it.

So tell me a bit about yourself, and lets do this.
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Attention Applicants or anyone interested in joining
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